Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Here we go again

Happy Tuesday everybody! I felt like saying that because I feel like Tuesday gets left out, nobody likes Monday, Wednesday is hump day, Thursday is almost Friday, and Friday is well... Friday, but where does that leave Tuesday? So happy Tuesday!

OK I know several of you asked for the Mexican Lasagna recipe from yesterday, well I had it and I forgot to bring it with me so I promise to post it tomorrow. Yesterday wasnt very good. I was sick and pretty much layed in bed from 5-bedtime. I still dont feel good today but I have bills to pay.

Anyway, I weighed this morning on my own scale and apparently my grandmothers scale wasnt as off as I thought because I'm only down 0.6 pounds. But hey, I'm still down! I'm at 8.8 pounds lost.... still. But I am going to start adding some cardio into my daily routine so hopefully that will kickstart my body again. I've gotten bad with not drinking at least 100 ounces of water a day so I'm determined to start that again today. So far 8 ounces down, 92 to go. I can do this!

I need to remember my goals. 10 pounds at a time and to fit into that dress by November! Eric started talking about how much vacation time we would each have by December so I'm assuming he wants to take a trip or at least a long weekend somewhere for our anniversary, which is another motivator.

Thanks to my lovely friend, Johanna, I learned yesterday that I have an issue. I need to teach myself that just because I used to only eat dinner and skip breakfast and lunch, that that made me a horrible binge eater and I cant do that anymore. I am slowly trying to teach myself to eat three major meals a day because I have never been a breakfast or lunch eater. I also learned that just because its healthy doesnt mean I can eat several portions of it. Portion size and control is everything. Thanks Johanna!

Eric and I have a major bill to pay coming up and then after that we are going to get a gym membership. I'm excited because they have a pool and my favorite exercise of all is swimming. I decided this morning that I am going to put on an outfit I wore in Florida the last week in June, take a picture, and look at the difference side by side. A friend of mine told me not to let the number on the scale discourage me because inches will dissappear before pounds do so I am going to see if I can see a difference.

Well thats it for today. Remember to give Tuesday some credit for the week!

Thanks for reading!!

Lots of Love,
Sara (The Biggest Loser Reject)

And this is the confidence that we have toward him, that if we ask anything according to his will he hears us.
                          1 John 5:14


  1. I'll be looking for that recipe. Your friend is right about making sure you eat plenty through the day. The best way to think of it is that when you wake up in the morning the fire has gone cold. You have to eat to stoke that metabolism. After it gets going everything metabolizes faster. Keep that fire stoked!!!! And hope you feel better!
    Signed you fan of the Week!!!!

  2. YAY see doesn't talking about it help. You know what else this blog helps because honestly I could have not gone to the gym today but I posted on the blog I WILL GO TO THE GYM and so I did because I knew DANG I can't lie to all those people plus its embarrassing when so many people are holding you accountable haha. I did so much better today! I ate breakfast and lunch and then a snack and now its dinner time PLUS ran on the treadmill. Staying motivated can be hard especially if you aren't losing weight at a rate you want but as you said looking at differences in your body is good not just a number on a scale.