Monday, October 1, 2012

Hello October!

Ok seriously where has 2012 gone???? It's October 1st, I had a goal to hit the 20 pound mark by this morning and I came SOOOO close, I have 2.4 pounds to go. Anyway, this morning I started the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD. UMMM yeah my body is not a fan. I am going to start trying it after work instead of before work because I dont do well with waking up early. I will hit my 20 pound mark by this weekend. I just know I will.

We had a great weekend of doing a whole lot of nothing besides going to church yesterday. Oh and we went to the gym and I did 2.25 miles on the stair climber!!! I have proof!!

This month is Spina Bifida Awareness month. All I am going to say, is that so much more is known now about this birth defect than when I was born with it. There have been so many advances made, so ladies, please do your research and learn what you can do to prevent it. 

Here is my monthly updated picture! YAY!!!

Tonight, Eric and I are starting our planned meals, tonight is chicken tacos with black beans. OMG I'm so excited it sounds delishes!

Well I guess that's all for today, thanks for reading!

Lots of Love,

Sara (The Biggest Loser Reject)

Today's verse is again about trusting God and HIS plan for you life. Not trying to show God what YOUR plan for your life is.

"'In the same way I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born,' says the Lord. 'If I cause you the pain, I will not stop you from giving birth to your new nation.'" says your God.
             Isaiah 66:9

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  1. Wow you can really see the difference in your face! I'm so glad that you're not letting the fact that you came up a little short of goal stop you from celebrating what you DID accomplish! That is a huge mindset change that is not easy to do. Sooo proud of you. Love the verse you posted about God not allowing pain unless we will grow and learn from it. Great reminder!!! Keep going, Sara, you are inspiring many including many!